Escaping art history’s little boxes

It's the difference between a crisp line drawing and modeled, shaded painting with plenty of blurred lines.  Not as easy to describe in short sentences, but oh so rewarding.  That's how I feel about the shift in art history from a discipline of strict categories and linear progress to one that celebrates the porousness of … Continue reading Escaping art history’s little boxes

Ah, the beautiful world of craft art…

Great to dip back into the world of craft art -- or whatever name you want to call first-rate works made in clay, glass, wood, metal,…  At the New York Ceramics and Glass Fair I reconnected with Cliff Lee, a ceramist whose work I had written about in 2010  for American Style.   Five years, I now … Continue reading Ah, the beautiful world of craft art…

Of petition, prayer and poetry

A while back, my brother-in-law saw a photograph I had taken in China and asked to see more.  Now what you need to know about Robert Lawrence, aka Bob, is that he writes poetry and plays, translates ancient Greek and delves into theology--on his own, art for art's sake.  When he mentioned that some of … Continue reading Of petition, prayer and poetry

between mental and physical realities

This is a fascinating glimpse into an artist, mostly self-taught, who recorded the world around him year after year after year.  David Byrd's  home is full of canvases that were seen 'publicly' for the first time by Andrea Hull's camera and in a show a neighbor and fellow artist, Jody Isaacson, helped bring about.  What particularly … Continue reading between mental and physical realities