David Byrd – a treasure trove of art

Wish I had been in Seattle for the show of David Byrd's paintings -- he is an amazing artist who has been laboring for decades without showing his work, just recording the world around him.  Seattle's PBS program, Art Zone, has a link to a 10-mn video about him which is well worth watching -- … Continue reading David Byrd – a treasure trove of art

Art history at its best

Here is one clever project...  Emory University professor Bonna Westcoat gets the great idea of using the Parthenon replica in Nashville to settle a long-running debate in art history circles.  It is well worth watching the video she and her students made of the project.   I heard about this on the heels of another … Continue reading Art history at its best

High on my list

Walking through "From Picasso to Warhol" at the High Museum in Atlanta,  two paintings grabbed me enough for me to want to grab them.  One did it from afar, the other from the side, reminding me once again the effect that distance and angle have on the way we perceive paintings. "Interior with Violin Case"  … Continue reading High on my list

Benjamin to the rescue…as always

Walter Benjamin -- you'd think his "Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" had been so quoted that the words would be used up by now.  But no, they are still there, still legible, still useful, and they spring to mind as I walk through Serra's 'Junction' and 'Cycle'  at Gagosian gallery, camera in hand.  … Continue reading Benjamin to the rescue…as always