Fascinating what if’s…

All through the show of Abelardo Morell's photographs at the High Museum in Atlanta, I kept thinking I could hear the artist mumbling, whispering...  "I know how the camera obscura works, well, what if… "...I used a room instead of a box... "And you know how books conjure images?  What if... "Now, what if I … Continue reading Fascinating what if’s…

David Byrd – a treasure trove of art

Wish I had been in Seattle for the show of David Byrd's paintings -- he is an amazing artist who has been laboring for decades without showing his work, just recording the world around him.  Seattle's PBS program, Art Zone, has a link to a 10-mn video about him which is well worth watching -- … Continue reading David Byrd – a treasure trove of art

On reflection/s

At a weekend retreat with graduate students of NYU's  Steinhardt School of Education --  I had absolutely no business being there except that a wonderful graduate student who worked for Neil Postman invited me -- there was a PhD candidate who had researched the cultural history of  glass.  When people figured out how to make large panes … Continue reading On reflection/s


a while back, I announced that Andrea Hull and I would be launching the AA/WV blog  focused on writing + video about contemporary art from Asia in America...  well, what Andrea and I realized as we researched this was that what really truly interested us was exploring the mediums by which we communicate about art.  … Continue reading Alive!…?


Truth -- or rather, expressing the truth is such a slippery thing. When I was writing  my review of "Felice Beato: A Photographer on the Eastern Road" at the Getty Center, I ended up  looking at lots of 19th-century photographs.   What struck me was how some resorted to lying in order to tell the … Continue reading LYING TO TELL THE TRUTH