between mental and physical realities

This is a fascinating glimpse into an artist, mostly self-taught, who recorded the world around him year after year after year.  David Byrd's  home is full of canvases that were seen 'publicly' for the first time by Andrea Hull's camera and in a show a neighbor and fellow artist, Jody Isaacson, helped bring about.  What particularly … Continue reading between mental and physical realities

Frames rule

Slap a piece of wood around a painting, and you've created a border  -- a signal that the viewer is leaving one kind of space and moving into another.  Carve and gild that border and you're declaring that what is inside is special, very special. And sometimes the frame itself can grow so exuberant, so … Continue reading Frames rule

Wonders of Our Age….?

Modern-day Mughal-style paintings by twins born and raised in Liverpool -- what an unexpected treasure trove!  Amrit and Rabindra Singh explode the scale, ramp up the attitude, and set their sights on sports and politics, war and love... basically all the themes Mughal court artists tackled except that, instead of polo and hunting tigers, it's … Continue reading Wonders of Our Age….?


Lalani Nan's paintings are transporting -- not sure I can tell you why I find them so; not sure I want to.  When words like color, texture, sensuality, abstraction start playing in my brain, I've moved away from the paintings.  So, instead, here they are on the Ricco Maresca gallery site.