about ArtLERT

Ever looked at a show wondering which, if any, piece you would risk going to prison for?  This blog is about alerting others to art I think is worth stealing…more than a passing glance at.  I write about Asian and Islamic art for the Wall Street Journal and about craft art for American Style magazine, and the occasional art piece for others (you can see recent articles on this site and more in my archive).

But this is different.  ArtLERT is my way of tugging at your sleeve to show you pieces in an art show or museum that make me smile, root me to the spot, blow my mind, or in any other way grab my attention.   I also have a special fondness for works that emerge from the fertile soil of borderlands — the interstices between the categories of ‘craft’ and ‘art,’ ‘religious idol’ and ‘sculpture,’ ‘Asian’ and ‘European’….  I used to have a separate blog for “borderlands” and have now merged that with ArtLERT where, I hope,  you will use the comments to tug at my sleeve…

Thanks for stopping by.

Lee Lawrence

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