New, improved links

The days of clicking a link to one of my reviews only to run smack into a firewall — they’re over! The Wall Street Journal has changed the system so that the links provided for an article now by-pass the firewall. You can’t go roaming from there, but at least clicking the link won’t inflict a cyberspace concussion.

You can test it out with this link to my review of “Awaken: A Tibetan Buddhist Journey toward Enlightenment,” currently at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York. Here are a few images to pique your interest — and should the link not work, please let me know.

the root of suffering: the never-ending cycle of attraction (rooster), confusion (pig) and aversion (snake) / detail from an early 20th-century depiction of “The Wheel of Existence” by a Tibetan artist
detail of a 16th-century statue of Kanha, a Hindu yogi who became a great Tantric adept (mahasiddha) under the tutelage of a Tibetan Buddhist teacher

close up of the face of Goram Sonam Sengge, a 15th-century lama who in “Awaken: A Tibetan Buddhist Journey Toward Enlightenment”
acts as our guide / this portrait dates to about 1600
A detail of a statue from the 15th century or later depicting Vajrabhairava, Lightning Terror, a terrifying being who in th Tibetan Buddhist practice outlined in the show proves the greatest aid to reaching enlightenment.
Ah, the realization of non-duality as represented in this depiction of the “Secret Union” from about 1400-1500

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