Images from ‘Art in a Time of Chaos’

Some readers complained that the review of “Art in a TIme of Chaos,” which is on view at the China Institute Gallery in NY through March 19, 2017, lacked photographs.  It is true that the works, dating from the 3rd to 6th centuries, are so varied it would have been great to have more images.  But, alas, printed newspapers have strict space limitations, and the on-line version is tailored to match the print.  So here are some photographs I took at the press preview which I hope will help make up for that.

Celadon soul urn dated 272 from the collection of Nanjing Municipal Museum

On the left is one of the three celadon soul urns I describe in the review along with some of the show’s animal figures below.

a mythical creature and a puppy












a pig

I don’t have a great one of the stylized tiger heads, but this might give you an idea:20160927_100810

Below are tomb figures — soldiers and ladies in waiting — along with some of the calligraphy, one of the show’s Buddhist sculptures, a tomb relief and a scene stamped onto bricks for a tomb wall.

For more information, see the exhibition’s web page and my review.


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