Unearthed treasures

Tomb Guardian Beasts, Tang dynasty (618–907 CE), unearthed 2009 in Fujiagou Village Gansu Province / Lingtai County Museum, Pingliang

Okay, I admit it, I have a predilection for terrifying creatures whose sole job is to frighten away demons and evil spirits.  These two tomb guardian beasts (or zhenmushou for those of us who try to learn these terms…not that we always succeed in remembering them…) are typical in form but pretty rare in terms of the freshness of their color.  Then there is this wonderfully expressive camel who, for the last 1500 years has been moaning about having to get up–which brings me to my max of pieces I could so easily live with.  They’re from “Unearthed,” a show at the Clark Art Institute in Mass which I review in today’s WSJ.

Sitting Camel, Northern Qi dynasty (550–577 CE), tomb dated 570 CE, tomb of Lou Rui (d. 570 CE), Shanxi Province, China / Shanxi Museum, Taiyuan

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