Unearthed treasures

Okay, I admit it, I have a predilection for terrifying creatures whose sole job is to frighten away demons and evil spirits.  These two tomb guardian beasts (or zhenmushou for those of us who try to learn these terms...not that we always succeed in remembering them...) are typical in form but pretty rare in terms … Continue reading Unearthed treasures

Peeking into India’s contemporary art scene

Are Andrea and I a tad daunted at the prospect of launching Art +Asia/Writing+Video? You bet!  Are we deterred?  No way.  Reviewing a show about modernist art from India at the Rubin Museum of Art made us revisit some conversations with Indian artists and galleries  this summer.  Here are a few  works spotted at  a show of emerging … Continue reading Peeking into India’s contemporary art scene