What lies behind gilt… in Myanmar

Whether it is a temple or a stupa or one of the  many (many!) gilded Buddhas in Myanmar, it is hard to believe that they started off  looking something like this -- Now,  I'm not too crazy about gilt (no matter the spelling), but these gleaming domes and statues took on a different glow once … Continue reading What lies behind gilt… in Myanmar


This fall, artist and videographer Andrea Hull and I will be teaming up to launch Art+Asia/Writing+Video, a blog that takes full advantage of the genre by using words and images creatively to engage readers with contemporary and modern works by Asian artists.  We will approach these works in the contexts of both the artist's national … Continue reading Art+Asia/Writing+Video

what looters left behind

Visiting sites in Mrauk U in northwest Myanmar  is seeing what the looters left behind -- well,   looters and archaeologists, since many of the statues have been safely removed to museums around the country.  There are headless torsos and faceless heads (some replaced with cement substitutes), severed arms and dismantled statues, gaping niches and … Continue reading what looters left behind