SOFA finds

One should probably never admit ignorance, but to abide by that rule would be to deny the excitement of learning.   So should I not admit that I did not know all the artists at SOFA New York because everyone knows them?  Nah.  I am not about to forego one of the most fun things about SOFA, so in order of discovery,….

Tobias Mohl —  blown glass vessels (at the Heller Gallery booth) with impossibly thin walls and deceptively simple designs

“Gift Horse” (above) “Punk Horse with Fitness Fetish” (right)

David Crawford —  bronze horses (at the William Simmer Gallery booth), vibrant and funny and full of grace

and, sticking to my maximum of three rule, last but not least, Clea Carlsen — stoneware figures  (at the booth of the Jane Sauer Gallery) with as many layers of emotion as there are of sculpted clay

detail of “Disarmed”


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