My Asia Week (brush)stroke of luck

Trekked to Sotheby's where, amid the Chinese paintings and calligraphy, one hanging scroll caught my eye.  My best guess is that the variety of line gives this lovely composition a particular energy that draws me to it.  That is certainly one of the things that kept me there, reveling in the alternating rhythms of line … Continue reading My Asia Week (brush)stroke of luck

the lure of auction previews

Don't you just love auction previews? You can feel the surface texture of a stone carving, lean in really really close to a painting without sounding alarms, pick up a ceramic bowl to peer at its underside.  And, in theory if not always in practice, you could own each and every one of the pieces … Continue reading the lure of auction previews

Borderland or dead end?

Do you think of tombs as marking a threshold, a commemoration of that ultimate borderland between life on earth and an after life?  Or do you see tombs as signalling the end of a person's existence?  In reviewing a show currently at the China Institute Gallery, I discovered that the Jin dynasty in 13th-century China may … Continue reading Borderland or dead end?