and yet more DIA favorites

Bill’s turn to weigh on the permanent collection at the Detroit Institute of Arts museum. Portraits attracted him on this particular day, beginning with the self-conscious self-portrait of  Salvator Rosa, an Italian 17th-century painter.

Self-portrait by Salvator Rosa, 1650s (photo 2011©Detroit Institute of Arts)

“I love it that he seems to be cultivating an air of mystery and asceticism,” says Bill, “and then we learn that he also dabbled in witchcraft.”

“A Man” by Frans Pourbos c. 1621 (Photo 2011©Detroit Institute of Arts)

Bill is taken by the brilliant execution of this portrait (on the museum’s web site you can really see the detail).  It turns out, too, “that this commission by a prominent citizen launched Pourbos’s career,” says Bill.  “This really appeals to me and makes me want it.”

Finally, another 17th-century piece, this one a statue in wood from  Japan.  This statue of a Rakan (or Arhat) appeals to Bill because of “the combination of strength and contemplation.”

Rakan by Shoun Genkei made in 1684-95 (wood) [Photo 2011©Detroit Institute of Arts
Rakan by Shoun Genkei made in 1684-95 (wood)

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