Some favorites at the DIA

Four of us trawled the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum this afternoon on the ArtLERT mission….  Let’s start with Marie Hughes’ choices:

The White Veil (1909) by Willard Leroy Metcalf.

“It makes me feel like I’m there; I feel the chill,” says Marie, and there is no question that this painting places you right there in the winter landscape.

Marie’s other choice is this energetic Cubist work by Lyonel Feininger.

Fisher off the Coast (1941) by Lyonel Feininger

Marie brings to this painting a love of seascapes and then responds to the thrill of seeing the familiar exploded into geometric shapes.

more later…

One thought on “Some favorites at the DIA

  1. I have had a copy of this painting hanging in my home since I acquired it from my husband’s grandmother 20 years ago. She had moved and couldn’t take it to her new place. It has traveled with me for each move and sadly has a scratch from an accident, but it will hang in my home until I am gone because I love it being so different from other art copies. This is the first time I looked up the artist, and now I am glad I did. Now I know what to look for at the thrift stores for other now rare copies of this artist’s other works. Thank you for having this info.

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