more picks from the Detroit Institute of Arts

Alex’s turn to weigh in.  Lots of works he really liked, he says, but when it comes to risking prison then two stand out:

Moonlit Landscape With a Windmill by Aert van der Neer, ca. 1650 (Photo ©2011, Detroit Institute of Arts)

It is worth looking up the next one on the museum’s web site, where you can run the magnifying ‘glass’ over the image and see the details in the people’s expressions.

Evangeline Discovering Her Affianced in the Hospital by Samuel Richards , 1887/89 (Photo ©2011, Detroit Institute of Arts)

And then there is the centerpiece of the museum that Alex, along with just about everyone else strolling through the museum, cannot get over: the mural that Diego Rivera painted at the institute in 1932-33.   Photographs don’t begin to capture the experience.

Detroit Industry by Diego Rivera, 1932-33 (Photo ©2011, Detroit Institute of Arts)

You can get a better sense of this massive composition through the museum’s 360-degree tour,  but even  this new technology of reproduction cannot deliver what Benjamin called the “tactile appropriation” of this work.

more picks to come from the DIA…

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