Wonders of Our Age….?

Painting the Town Red 1996 17 x 29.3cm (6.7 x 11.5in) Poster colour, gouache and gold dust on mountboard Artist: Amrit K.D.Kaur Singh

Modern-day Mughal-style paintings by twins born and raised in Liverpool — what an unexpected treasure trove!  Amrit and Rabindra Singh explode the scale, ramp up the attitude, and set their sights on sports and politics, war and love… basically all the themes Mughal court artists tackled except that, instead of polo and hunting tigers, it’s football; instead of scenes from the 10th-century Shahnameh, we get Bush and Blair conducting invading Iraq, troops storming the Sikh temple at Amritsar….

Check out their on-line gallery and an article about them in Economist.

Are they the Wonders of Our Age?


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