and yet more DIA favorites

Bill's turn to weigh on the permanent collection at the Detroit Institute of Arts museum. Portraits attracted him on this particular day, beginning with the self-conscious self-portrait of  Salvator Rosa, an Italian 17th-century painter. "I love it that he seems to be cultivating an air of mystery and asceticism," says Bill, "and then we learn … Continue reading and yet more DIA favorites

Wonders of Our Age….?

Modern-day Mughal-style paintings by twins born and raised in Liverpool -- what an unexpected treasure trove!  Amrit and Rabindra Singh explode the scale, ramp up the attitude, and set their sights on sports and politics, war and love... basically all the themes Mughal court artists tackled except that, instead of polo and hunting tigers, it's … Continue reading Wonders of Our Age….?

Benjamin to the rescue…as always

Walter Benjamin -- you'd think his "Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" had been so quoted that the words would be used up by now.  But no, they are still there, still legible, still useful, and they spring to mind as I walk through Serra's 'Junction' and 'Cycle'  at Gagosian gallery, camera in hand.  … Continue reading Benjamin to the rescue…as always

Somewhere between sculpture and architecture — even landscape

They're sculptures, but you walk through them and experience them the way you experience a building.  I'm talking about the work of Richard Serra, whose  "Junction" and "Cycle" are -- what? on view? open? available for hiking, the way gorges carved by time and the elements are?  -- at Gagosian Gallery in NY.  

Meet me at the Guanyin in Saint Louis

When I first spotted this statue of Guanyin from afar, I knew I had found the piece in the Saint Louis Art Museum I would gladly risk prison for.  So I got closer...and closer... and closer till I was standing before this bodhisattva of compassion.  I could have sworn that his chest then gently inflated.   … Continue reading Meet me at the Guanyin in Saint Louis