Wonder of the Age ArtLERT @MetMuseum

What better launching pad for my ArtLERT blog than the “Wonder of the Age” show at the Metropolitan.  In addition to the paintings mentioned in my review, three must-see’s for me are —

Mansur’s chameleon, caught as he moves from the green of the leaves that surround him to the tan of the paper Mansur places him on…

Mansur’s “Chameleon” 1595-1600 (The Royal Collection, Royal Library, Windsor Castle)

… the wonderful detail of the frothing mouths in Abd-al-Samad’s fighting camels (anyone familiar with the beasts knows that whole angry-camel cud in the mouth phenomenon)…

Abd-al-Samad’s “Two fighting camels” 1590 (Private collection)

… and the tipped perspective, saturated colors and self-satisfied cool expression of Shiva with Parvati snuggled up against him.

Devidasa of Nurpur’s “Shiva and Parvati as Ardhanishvara” a Folio from the Rasamanjari II Series, 1694-5 (The San Diego Museum of Art)

2 thoughts on “Wonder of the Age ArtLERT @MetMuseum

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