Something so compelling about stone displaying the softness of flesh and  bronze looking wounded.  Yes, those are bloody cuts on the pugilist's ears -- they think they let the metal corrode to denote blood.


A friend has a fantastic rooftop garden in New York, but unfortunately it is so high up you can't spot it from the street.  Not so in Rome.  Yesterday, as  I wandered the streets I used to roam as a kid, my eyes (and camera) kept flicking upward.  Greenery was everywhere peeking above tiles roofs … Continue reading GARDENS BETWEEN EARTH AND SKY


First it was drawings, then came photographs and plaster casts, X-rays and even the occasional CT-scan.  Now art historians can sit at their computers and examine the three-dimensional image of a sculpture, swivel it, upend it, turn it round and round if they like.  And remember the old plaster casts?  Well now there is Selective … Continue reading NEW TOOLS FOR ART HISTORIANS