trompe l’oeil reveals

Janette Boskett comes across as very poised, very contained.  In other words, very English.  And given the wry humor for which the Brits are known, it shouldn’t be surprising that she has also a zany side.  It is the side that comes out in her murals.  Some are classic, like the luggage trompe l’oeil in the dining room; other murals at Grinkle Lodge are romantic, while yet others are bits of whimsy.

And then there is one I did not photograph.   Timothy, her husband, led me into his office and there, on the inside of the door was a trompe l’oeil pinup of Janette in blue painting smock, its top buttons invitingly unfastened.   Still chaste, mind you, the way heroines in 1930s films could promise all by showing nothing.

Trompe l’oeil can be so revealing…

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